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Cavendish Mall UFO — a return visit?

By Joel Goldenberg

Dr. Cleve Ziegler, an obstetrician-gynecologist at the Jewish General Hospital, and another person in Côte St. Luc are not the only ones to have seen a strange flashing object above Cavendish Mall.

I saw something strange at the mall — several years ago.

According to media reports, Ziegler was driving home at 1 a.m. early last Wednesday morning when he saw blue and red flashing lights and something that looked like two triangles. Others in the vicinity also saw the object, police were called and the media duly reported the sighting.

I wasn’t shaken as Ziegler was reported to be, but I was intrigued as I passed by the mall in the early evening in about 2004 or 2005. The memory is fuzzy now, but I remember seeing several flashing lights above the centre court. It did not seem to be an airplane, helicopter, or the Montreal skylight that flashes from Place Ville Marie at night — just some lights over the mall, close to its centre court. Figuring there had to be some rational explanation, I left the area and didn’t say anything.

According to media reports about last week’s incident, Ziegler and others saw the object near Kildare Road.

The Suburban related this to Cavendish Mall manager Esther Bozzer last Thursday, wondering if there was a rational explanation for either of the incidents.

Bozzer said she believed the latest incident was “extensively explained” in last week’s media reports.

“All I know is that my security guard was there to assist, and the police were there — there were many cars,” Bozzer said. “If you look at the extensive work that has been done, I think all of our efforts have been deployed to whatever the situation was.”

Bozzer added that, for the current incident, there was no work being done at the mall that would generate the type of image that was seen last week, “if you put aside that we’re under renovation, and you may have flashes of light because you’re working late, but there wasn’t any work being done at that time.”

Regarding the sighting several years ago near the mall’s centre court, Bozzer said that area is covered, except for a skylight.

Concerning last week’s incident, “from what I gather from my security guard... when he told me, I thought it was just one phone call, and now from what I read, there were other people too.”


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